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The Absolute Simplest Way to Target and Personalize Marketing Communications for Extraordinary Revenue Lift

Loyalty Builders’ Marketing Lift Service (MLS) is used by marketers at retailers, consumer products and services companies, B2B suppliers, and others to predict when each of their customers will be ready to buy, and what they are most likely to buy next. This information is used to improve targeting of direct marketing campaigns and make… Read More

How to Grow Revenue with Cross-sell

There are only two ways to grow revenue: get more customers or sell more to the ones you already have. Selling to existing customers can itself be divided into two parts: getting them to continue buying what they have already been purchasing (up-sell) and selling something they have not previously purchased (cross-sell). Upsell is a… Read More

Abandon Attribution

The common sense approach to developing a mail plan outlined in this paper recognizes the difficulties in making accurate attribution in a multi-channel environment. The attribution effort far outweighs the sparse and often wrong information gleaned from the exercise. Instead, a simple paradigm is presented that relies on customer analytics to build integrated campaigns that… Read More

Testing Individualized Marketing

Individualized marketing is a relatively new marketing technique made possible by powerful new analytics tools and innovative technology. Through the insights of case study after case study, individualized marketing is proven to raise revenue and response rates – but the skeptics still exist, shouting their commitment to the status quo – with such methods like… Read More

The Single Best Way to Raise Response Rates

Companies with lots of products and lots of identifiable customers can use their transaction data to target their customers with relevant direct marketing communications. Such campaigns are dramatically more effective than ‘spray and pray’ campaigns, generating significantly higher response rates and more revenue than more generic campaigns.

When Individualized Marketing Meets Big Data

The most common lament we hear from companies is that they are data rich but information poor. They have been collecting a huge amount of data but don’t know how to extract insights from it or take actions based on it. Instinctively they realize that competitive advantage is lurking somewhere in their data stores, and… Read More

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