Reduce Churn & Increase Loyalty

  • Can you effectively classify and track customer loyalty?
  • Is your targeting and messaging sensitive to each customer’s lifecycle stage?
  • Are you trying to retain the right customers, or wasting money on some not worth it?


It doesn’t make sense to treat your most loyal customers the same as those with a high risk of defection. With Loyalty Builders, you’ll know how each customer is trending, their probability to buy or become inactive, as well as their potential value. That way, you can concentrate the level of attention and resources that make sense for the stage and direction of each customer’s lifecycle with you. For example, we can:

  • Use Loyalty Segments to nuance messages, discounts, and other incentives.
  • Use Risk score and Re-sell Probabilities to make appropriate product offers in retention campaigns to the customers.
  • Use Expected Value and Likely Buyer scores to decide who is worth mailing a catalog, getting a sales call, or other expensive communication.
  • Use Loyalty score and Expected Value to target recruitment to your loyalty program.
  • Use Product Rankings and Product Affinities to develop programs for 1&2-time buyers.


Chances are, most of your revenue comes from a small group of loyal buyers, but most of your customers have made just one or a few purchases. We find the purchasing patterns that lead to regular buying. We can identify customers at a critical juncture in their journey and help you make the personalized offers that get them to the next stage.