Offer the Right Products to Each Customer

  • Do you want to stop sending the same messages and offers to every customer?
  • Are you curious how specific 1:1 product recommendations to each customer will perform?
  • Do you think it’s too complicated to send the best personalized product offer to every customer in an email campaign?


You can do it. It works. And it’s a lot easier than you think. With Loyalty Builders’ predictive metrics and scores for each of your customers, you can send the personalized product offer, or set of product offers, most likely to be relevant and get more customers to buy.

For example, we can:

  • Use Re-sell Probabilities for product offers that keep regular customers buying regularly.
  • Use Cross-sell Probabilities to entice customers to expand the range of products they buy.
  • Use Product Rankings for each customer to rotate offers in regularly scheduled communications.
  • Customize discounts and incentives by Loyalty Segment for an added boost to results.


Relevant, personalized offers significantly increase revenue from any marketing campaign on any channel. Loyalty Builders will match the right products to each customer, in rank order by likelihood to buy, over a range of configurable periods. You can look up recommendations to enhance a given customer’s experience in real time, or send variable offers to each customer in campaigns to thousands or millions of customers at once.


Customers who get personalized 1:1 product recommendations buy more than those who do not, and it’s proven in your transaction data for the next period. Yet your cost is minimal. Simple data preparation. No data integration. No sensitive or personal data. No third party data. No customer profiling. No data or math skills required. No faster, easier, or more affordable way to 1:1 product offers.