Execute & Measure Campaigns

  • Are you providing the personalized experience that customers increasingly expect?
  • Can you deliver consistent product recommendations across channels?
  • Does your spending on marketing technology and analytics make sense?

We do the math, you do the marketing. ®

Nobody knows how to market to your customers better than you. Loyalty Builders’ automated, cloud service is designed to dovetail into your existing marketing systems and strategies. We just make them perform better, a lot better, by giving you loyalty and product predictions for each customer. Armed with this knowledge, you can make any communication more interesting and motivating.

Loyalty Builders can deliver:

  • Raw predictions by customer to upload into an enterprise customer database.
  • Appropriately targeted customer lists for an email campaign.
  • Email lists containing personalized offers for each customer.
  • List of most profitable customers for a catalog mailing.
  • Product recommendations for e-commerce sites.
  • Relevant product offers in mobile campaign or digital ad.
  • Mailing lists for static coupons, segmented promos, or variable content mailers.
  • Re-sell or cross-sell leads to load into CRM system for sales.


Loyalty builders can help you plan campaigns to meet your goals, devise test strategies, measure results, and optimize effectiveness. You can use our A/B and multi-variant test services for specific campaigns or to continually optimize lift using our structured Lift Calibration process.


If you already have platforms for email communications or online interactions with customers, you do not need to install yet another platform or database to personalize the experience. We’ve automated the analytics producing the right personalized offers and recommendations for each customer, and we can integrate with your existing systems to automate the whole process.


We can execute campaigns for you, too.

If you are curious to know how much personalized communications will increase your revenue, but can’t squeeze a trial into your schedule, we’ll handle it. Work with us on a test plan, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll know for sure how much revenue lift you can get before you commit to changing your mainstream marketing..