Testing and Lift Calibration Services Page

Knowing each customer’s lifecycle stage and most likely product interests is the secret to product recommendations and incentives that will produce better results. Still, your customer base is not the same as anyone else’s, and results will vary due to many factors, including:

  • Creative appeal
  • Overall message
  • Number, placement, and order of product recommendations
  • Rotation of product recommendations
  • Discount level or type of incentive
  • Timing, frequency, or sequence of communications
  • Real-time context of communications
  • Channel selection
  • Customer targeting and cohort selection
  • Call-to-action


Loyalty Builders offers a structured program for testing and optimizing revenue lift. Our Lift Calibration Service uses an agile, iterative method of continuous adjustment, testing, and improvement based on your objectives. Multi-variant analysis allows us to test several variables at once to speed the process. And since we get regular transaction updates for our predictive analysis, we also can see how we are doing and who is buying within a complete feedback loop.


Sometimes it’s just hard to find time and resources to try new things. Unfortunately, this is at odds with the continuous innovation needed for effective marketing. One solution is Loyalty Builders’ Email Test Lab. We will execute and analyze email campaigns for you independently of your main email systems and processes. We use email because it’s a fast way to test at scale before rolling out to mainstream emails or other channels. Email Test Lab is a turn-key service where you can:

  • Test the effectiveness of personalized offers before adding to regular marketing
  • Test without disrupting existing systems, people, processes, and schedules
  • Quickly and easily try out new marketing ideas
  • Combine with Lift Calibration Service to learn best practices before making changes
  • Conforms to corporate email and authentication standards