Get Buying Predictions on Each Customer

Marketing’s primary job is getting customers to buy. Coaxing repeat buying from a customer requires assessment of their loyalty and the products they are most susceptible to buy. Don’t speculate. Let the purchasing data you already have tell you.

Loyalty Builders packages advanced data science as an easy to consume, automated cloud service for marketers for a fraction of the time and cost of any other approach. You can get on-demand access to more accurate buying predictions for every single customer, such as:

“If it costs many times more to acquire a new customer than to resell to an existing one, and you’re not fully exploiting that opportunity, you’re spending too much for growth.”

– Peter Moloney, CEO, Loyalty Builders

Loyalty Builders Metric

  • Explanation

Loyalty Segment

  • Lifecycle stage based on risk and expected value (7 stages)

Loyalty Score

  • A loyalty value based on spending, velocity, items, and more

Risk Score

  • Probability to go “inactive” (by your definition)

Likely Buyer Score

  • Probability to purchase within several time horizons

Expected Value

  • Expected purchasing amount within several time horizons

Re-Sell Probability

  • Probability to purchase every product previously purchased

Cross-Sell Probability

  • Probability to purchase every product not previously purchased

Cross-Sell Score

  • Ranked scoring of cross-sell product opportunities by customer

Offer Score

  • Probability to purchase any product in a pre-defined set

Other Metrics

  • Purchase delay, category score, retention score, recency, etc.

Product Affinities

  • Probability to purchase other products given a certain purchase


There are precious few moments when you have the customer’s attention. Flooding customers with emails and text messages they find irrelevant desensitizes at best, and if you are not careful, annoys and alienates. Quality increases loyalty, not quantity. Fewer, more relevant and precise messages outperform carpet bombing every time.

Loyalty Builders is for retailers, e-commerce and consumer product companies, and catalogers, as well as many consumer services, wholesale, travel and leisure, and other firms with a large customer base and lots of products to sell them. It does not matter how many. Loyalty Builders scores the suitability of each product for every customer. We help ensure that customers who should buy, do buy, move others off the fence to buy, and avoid wasting time and money where it will not be effective.


We obsess with increasing the loyalty and lifetime value of your customers by helping you deliver the right messages and product offers at the right time, via any channel, and at any scale, whether to one customer at a time, to carefully targeted segments, or personalizing 1:1 offers to each and every customer in a single campaign.


Practical. Minimally disruptive. Immediate revenue lift. Don’t believe it?