Monitor Loyalty & Buying Trends

Loyalty Builders can provide regular reports for tracking the health of your customer base. Our reports are built up from individual product recommendations and loyalty predictions on each of your customers, not top-down segmentation. We also provide a range of A/B and multi-variant testing and measurement services to optimize results.


  • Monitor size and buying habits of customers grouped by lifecycle stage.
  • Track shifts and velocity of migrations between lifecycle stages.
  • Count customers with high cross-sell and re-sell probabilities.
  • See products likely to have the most buyers in a given period.
  • View transaction trends by period.
  • Plan campaigns by targeting cohorts identified in the reports.


We’re data geeks. If you need a particular customer analysis or report that is not part of our regular subscription service, just let us know. We also provide a range of testing and lift optimization services to help you get the most from our analytics combined with your strategies and content.