Stop annoying customers with too many irrelevant messages and offers.
Send them messages they appreciate, and product offers that convert to sales.

Loyalty Builders provides a neatly packaged, cloud-based predictive analytic service that is groundbreaking in its simplicity and usability by marketers, regardless of their analytic skills. Battle tested in many hundreds of campaigns, we keep customers loyal and get them buying.

Predictive Analytics for Each Customer

Know when and what each and every one of your customers is most likely to buy next, as well as their lifecycle stage and predicted value, so you can spike returns from marketing campaigns.

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Campaign Strategy & Budgeting

Get the best list of customers most likely to respond to promotions for any specific product, any group of products, or catalog of products on-demand, so you don’t waste time, money, or customer goodwill sending offers they will ignore.

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Make the individualized product recommendations and 1:1 offers that each customer is most likely to accept, so you get the most returns and revenue lift from your marketing activities.

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Loyalty and Customer Retention

Deliver messages and incentives that are appropriate to each customer’s journey with your company, so you can be more effective increasing customer lifetime value, and avoid wasting money on the wrong customers.

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Prescriptive Marketing & Measurement

Do the marketing, not the math. We’ll give you the offers that make sense for each customer in the format you need to drive any communication channel or system, including email, direct mail, text, web recommendations, digital ads, CRM systems, etc.

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Loyalty KPIs and Opportunities

Get regular reports summarizing customer loyalty stages and buying patterns, and track campaign effectiveness, so you can continuously refine and improve your marketing programs.

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How Does it Work?

Predictions and recommendations for each individual customer in a fast, simple, affordable service.

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Get a full report dissecting the lifecycle trends and revenue opportunities in your customer base.

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See how easy it is to boost revenue with personalized 1:1 product offers.

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