Revenue Lift Step-by-Step

1.Upload Transaction Data

Transaction data (all purchases by all customers for a few years) is all we need for our predictive scoring – customer ID and a basic record of each of their purchases (date, amount, items purchased). Transaction data is usually the most accurate, complete, and reliably available data a company has on every customer. It’s also generally in one system of record or warehouse, so it’s easy to get.

With other approaches, often over 80% of the overall time and cost of customer analytics is spent gathering, cleansing, enriching, integrating, and governing the source data needed before any analysis can begin.

2.Download Lists & Scores

Give us a few parameters of your marketing campaign, then download a complete, fully actionable campaign list that we will generate based on customer scores. Or give us the data requirements of your marketing system, recommendation engine, customer database, or analytics platform, and we’ll generate files or feeds formatted for your specific needs. Or use our browser-based tool for marketers, Longbow, and create your own data files and campaign lists.

You decide when and how to communicate with customers. We’ll tell you what to recommend to them when you do. We take care of everything when it comes to the campaign lists and data files you need, including customers to target, products to recommend, loyalty level for incentives, and other personalized elements.

3.Execute Relevant Campaigns

Loyalty Builders service integrates easily into your existing marketing processes and systems. You continue to plan, create, and execute communication strategies and campaigns to your customers as you do now. We just make them more relevant and effective. We can work with all major marketing platforms, and we format our data files to drive campaigns automatically.

Sudden change of plans? No worries. We maintain all the scores and metrics for every customer for you. Need a list of the best customers for a last minute product promotion? Need the best six product offers for a long list of customers to meet a quick deadline? No need to go back to the data analysis drawing board. It’s already at your fingertips.

All you have to do is execute the campaign – or we’ll even to that for you too!

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4.Measure & Repeat

We regularly update all customer models and scores automatically as we receive new transaction data. The new transaction data also allows us to compare purchases between targeted customers and control groups in campaigns. You’ll know precisely how much revenue lift you are getting from more relevant communications. It’s all part of our service.

Analytics, Without All the Analysis

We do the math, so you can do the kind of marketing that gets customers buying. Don’t worry about data analysis skills or securing IT resources to maintain something new. Just use the product recommendations we give you when communicating with customers on your usual channels, and watch customers buy more. It’s really that simple.

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Immediate Return on Investment

At Loyalty Builders, we measure our success one way: Revenue lift. We increase buying and revenue from your marketing activities, and we prove it with your transaction data. The revenue lift over static campaigns is immediate, usually 10% to 30% or more, and it keeps adding up. We do not think there is another marketing technology with a faster payback or stronger return on investment.

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