How It Works

Focused Objectives

We do not answer all questions about customers, just your most important ones. Our dedicated cloud service identifies what to offer each customer – offers that stimulate more buying – whenever and however you choose to communicate with them.

Better Data Science

We’re not a Big Data project. In the real world, it is difficult and expensive to maintain lots of reliable data on every customer. So we applied advanced mathematics and machine learning to get the most predictive value from less data. Then we honed it with years of real campaigning until it was deadly accurate and effective.

  • Scores every customer individually in one pass
  • No new platform to learn or maintain
  • No customer databases to govern or maintain
  • No data analytics experience required
  • Actionable instructions for marketing execution

Service Automation

We require a small fraction of the time, cost, and resources of any alternative approach and resources of any other approach that can match our effectiveness. That means fast, agile, personalized marketing that delivers extraordinary ROI.