White Papers

When Individualized Marketing Meets Big Data

The most common lament we hear from companies is that they are data rich but information poor. They have been collecting a huge amount of data but don’t know how to extract insights from it or take actions based on it. Instinctively they realize that competitive advantage is lurking somewhere in their data stores, and… Read More

True One-to-One Marketing

Only a few years ago most marketers thought true one-to-one marketing (1:1) was an impossible dream. Marketers all talked about making the right offer to the right customer at the right time (the three “rights”), but ‘spray and pray’ campaigns in which each recipient got the same communication, were closer to having at least two… Read More

Solving the one-time buyer problem

Acquiring new customers costs money, and the ones who don’t come back for a second purchase can be a huge drain on profits. This white paper shows you all the data points hidden in a single initial transaction and how to use them to size your company’s one-time buyer problem along three different dimensions—number, revenue,… Read More


Customer segmentation is becoming recognized as a key tactic for increasing revenue by marketing more effectively to existing customers. This comprehensive paper discusses the business benefits of segmentation and describes in detail how to do it—what data to use, what tools you need, the steps in the process, and the criteria for choosing a good… Read More

Dividing the marketing budget

A common problem for marketers is deciding how to allocate their marketing budget. Some money will go to getting more sales from existing customers, and some to acquiring new customers. The challenge is finding the best way to divide the budget between these two activities. This paper describes a model to do so that depends… Read More

Five Ways Distributors Can Increase Revenue Per Customer

In today’s economy, distributors are the crucial link in the supply chain that moves products from manufacturers to the final customers, and as such are often large and complex businesses. Yet whatever the product area – from electronics to diapers—the challenges faced by these businesses have many similarities and some common solutions. In this report… Read More