Online Apparel Maker Sees $342,000 Revenue Lift in Just 6 Weeks

When you offer Loyalty Builder’s product recommendations to your customers, the increase in customer purchasing will astound you! See how our customer went from a stagnant return on marketing spend to an almost unbelievable revenue lift over the course of just 5 emails in 6 weeks.

The Problem: A B2B apparel maker whose return on marketing spend had become stagnant. With limited internal analytics skills and budget, they approached Loyalty Builders in hopes of significantly improving upon their customer marketing, generating increased company revenue.

Prior Approach: Static emails routinely sent to all customers.

The Loyalty Builders Approach: Create a marketing campaign to customers that includes 5 emails over the course of 6 weeks. Those customers in the “Loyalist” category receive more Loyalty Builders recommended cross-sell offers while those customers in the “Faders” category receive more Loyalty Builders recommended re-sell offers. The control group receives a “usual” email.

The Results: Our customer saw huge (and consistent) revenue lift in every email send.

Approximately 3,600 customers in target group (Loyalists & Faders), per email
Approximately 1,100 customers in control group (Business-As-Usual), per email
Lift in % buyers per email over control group: 30% – 77%
Lift in $ per customer order: 12% – 80%
Overall revenue lift in just 5 emails: $342,314

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