Get essential buying predictions on every customer to confidently plan, budget, and target for incremental revenue and improved customer loyalty. Whether you have 50,000 or 20,000,0000 customers, we have affordable packages that offer both customized and standard services depending on your business needs.


Perfect for simplifying targeting and improving campaign performance


Up to 50,000 customers scored

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  • Loyalty Score
  • Risk Score
  • Loyalty Segment
  • Purchase Probability
  • Expected Value
  • Monthly Data Refresh


For more complex segmentation, planning, maximizing campaign ROI for customer and product-centric marketing


Up to 100,000 customers scored

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Includes Essential Package and:

  • Loyalty Rank
  • Segment Change
  • Purchase Delay
  • Analysis Summary Report
  • Product Re-Sell Scores
  • Product Cross-Sell Scores
  • Custom Refresh Schedule
  • Monthly Call with Account Strategist

Unlimited Scale

Customized to meet the needs of large retailers

Custom Quotes for:

  • Any Number of Customers
  • Custom Suite of Metrics
  • Premium Metrics Such as CLV, Incrementality
  • Campaign Targeting & Lists
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Custom Analytics & Reports
  • Training & Consulting

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Data Driven

Use your existing data to bring the future into focus


Predict and plan for better marketing ROI

Lower Cost

Reduce upfront costs with Analytics as a service

Frequently Asked Questions

What data do I need to supply for the free trial analysis?

Using advanced data science, accurate predictions are derived from purchase transaction records with just a handful of basic fields: Customer ID, purchase date, item ID, quantity, and net amount paid. Include all customers, and as much history as conveniently available, although 3-5 years is typically sufficient.

What about other data? How do you protect personal data?

Customer attributes, segments, browse behavior, response data, etc., may (or may not) improve certain predictions. Data like this can be added after baseline predictions are established. In fact, no personal information about customers is required. Just a unique ID for each customer. To predict product purchases, it helps to have a table that maps items to their marketing categories. No other data is needed for a trial analysis.

What will I get back after the free trial analysis?

Scores Files: The purchasing predictions and lifecycle segmentation for each customer are delivered as delimited text file. Predictions for every customer and product combination may also be provided with Enterprise package trials. The scores are yours to evaluate and use as you like.

Summary Report: An Excel file aggregating all the customer scores into summaries, loyalty trends, profiles, and opportunities. It reveals much about your customer base.

User Guide: Real-world examples of how our clients use the scores to plan campaigns, target for revenue uplift, reduce costs, and build customer loyalty.

How do you do it? How accurate are the predictions?

The future cannot be predicted with certainty, but knowing the odds (probability of purchases, spending amounts, etc.) greatly improves chance of success, and actually increases certainty around planning and targeting. Loyalty Builders uses an ensemble of advanced statistics, machine learning, and adaptive modeling developed and proven over 20 years. All scores are back tested for accuracy and the back tests are provided in the Summary Report.

How can I use the scores for predictive marketing?

There are myriad use cases for the scores data, essentially any time customer experience or outreach is being planned or executed. Loyalty and reactivation, promotions, personalization, cross-selling, circulation planning, digital media programs, prospect targeting, churn intervention – the list goes on. See our user guide, “Predictive Marketing for Customer-Centric Retailers” for specific ideas.

How do I get ready for Predictive Marketing? What else do I need?

Loyalty Builders maintains all the scores for you, but you also can uploaded and append the scores you want to any system where you store customer data and use it there, whether that’s a stand-alone customer database, marketing system, or whatever. Since we maintain your scores as well, you always can ask Loyalty Builders to build campaign lists, special reports, or supplemental data files as needed. No additional platforms, databases, or skills are needed. We use and improve what’s already in place, and we’re always here to help.