Loyalty Builders services are available as a monthly subscription or on-demand. Subscription prices, which are based on number of customers and products analyzed and deliverables required, start at $2,500 per month. We also offer a one-time complimentary customer analysis to qualified companies (no marketing campaigns) and discounted pilots and trial programs (with campaigns).

In most cases, the payback for an annual subscription occurs within one month of campaigning.

5-Step Trial Program

Seeing is believing. Our trial programs are low-risk, easy-to-implement campaign plans that prove and quantify the revenue lift of our approach over your current approach. Choose one of our test plans or devise your own. Use your marketing platform or provider, or we’ll handle it all for you. You’ll know exactly what kind of ROI you can expect before making any long-term commitments or changes to your marketing process. We can:

  • 1. Plan and advise on best practice
  • 2. Analyze customers
  • 3. Generate target lists
  • 4. Execute campaigns
  • 5. Evaluate results

Our 5-Step Trial Program is painless and conclusive. Success means the customers receiving personalized communications buy more than those who do not. The ROI is clear and immediate.

– Irena McCue, Director of Account Services


Our affordable subscriptions are priced on the number of customers and products analyzed and the number and type of marketing programs benefitting from our targeting and personalization. For a fraction of the time and cost of alternatives, a typical monthly subscription includes:

  • Predictive analysis of every individual customer
  • Product recommendations and loyalty, value, and risk scores for every customer
  • Lifecycle stage analysis for every customer
  • Campaign lists formatted for execution
  • Product affinity scores for all products
  • Summary reports on health of customer base and trends
  • Revenue lift analysis for impacted marketing programs
  • A bundle of support services

Revenue Lift Calibration & Testing

The revenue lift from Loyalty Builders is immediate, starting with the first campaign. But campaign strategies and results vary and every company is different. Lifting revenue to its maximum potential starts with best practices, then is honed and optimize by rigorous testing. Loyalty Builders Lift Calibration Service has you covered. It’s iterative, data-driven, step-by-step methodology gets the most from your marketing.

On-Demand Services

Loyalty Builders’ services can be purchased as needed, on-demand, for specific purposes as an alternative or supplement to a regular subscription. Examples include cross-sell campaigns, retention marketing, catalog list identification, product affinities analysis, promotions targeting, customer lifecycle analysis, and a range of reporting and multivariate testing services.