E-Commerce Retailer Snares $315,000 Additional Revenue in Email Trial

Just a little revenue lift per e-mail can make a big difference in revenue. At $0.42 lift per email over 750,000 emails in a trial with Loyalty Builders, this customer showed they could generate over $2.6 million per year in incremental revenue.

The Problem: This retailer of herbal medicines and nutrition supplements wanted to drive more traffic to its e-commerce website, and to increase the number of different products that customers buy.

Prior Approach: Regular static emails to customers.

The Loyalty Builders Approach: The company used Loyalty Builders’ product resell and cross-sell scores to personalize emails with images for the specific three products that each customer was most likely to buy, including products they had never purchased before. Loyalty Builders formatted the list for automatic execution by their email automation system, including pointers to the necessary product images.

The Results: Over six separate email campaigns, the average revenue lift per email was 43 cents, which generated almost $315,000 of revenue over the control group, who got the usual static emails. The increase was not dramatic on a per-email basis, but extrapolated over 12 monthly emails to 500,000 customers each, the anticipated annual increase in revenue is about $2.6 million.