B2C Specialty E-Tailer Makes Direct Mail 66% More Profitable

You don’t have to personalize offers to get results. This company used Loyalty Builders to target the best customers for static mailers customized around 10 different product groups.


The Problem: This retailer of unusual products and gifts promotes 30-50 different products per month to specific customers via direct mail campaigns, but was not sure they were targeting the right customers for the most revenue and profit from each campaign.

Prior Approach: Modeling by an internal team.                                              

The Loyalty Builders Approach: Loyalty Builders was able to target the best customers for 10 different product promotions immediately, even though marketing sometimes made last-minute changes to the products for each promotion.

The Results: Loyalty Builders found thousands of additional customers worth targeting that were not targeted by this company’s prior approach. Loyalty Builders lifted the profitability of each campaign over control groups by an overall average of 66%. According to this company, “Several vendors have tried and no else has exceeded our profitability goals.”