How to Get the Most Marketing Bang from Data You Already Have – Easily.

Old Style Question and Answer

Old Style Question and Answer

Here in the Loyalty Builders Marketing Department, we recently sat down with several members of the Loyalty Builders’ team to get their unique take on how we help marketers just like you achieve astonishing marketing campaign uplift, with ease. Their answers weren’t surprising to those of us who see the success our customers see every day – but they might surprise you!




Who we interviewed:

  • Peter Moloney, CEO
  • Bill Vorias, Vice President of Technical Services
  • Irena McCue, Director of Customer Support
  • Kris Nelson, Sales Manager

The questions we asked and the responses we got:


Can you name one great customer success you’ve seen at Loyalty Builders?


Kris Nelson: Very recently, one of our customers saw a $1 million dollar marketing campaign uplift in just six emails! And the best part is while that’s awesome – we see results like that all the time.

Bill Vorias: There’s a ton I can think of but one of the ones that stands out in my mind is a customer who saw a 400% lift in one email campaign using our recommendations.

Irena McCue:  We have a recognizable brand customer who created an email based on Loyalty Builders’ recommendations and an email which did not follow our recommendations – their business-as-usual. The email which was based on our recommendations generated 3x and 4x more revenue than the email not using our recommendations. The customer was amazed to see such results but when you work with customers every day who continuously see these results, they become par for the course.


What are the pain points of a typical Loyalty Builders’ customer? What problems do you help solve?


Bill Vorias: There are a lot of companies out there right now providing all sorts of “insights” for marketers. The pain point in this is that insights require a lot of work and can be difficult to extract any real action from – and what marketers need is easy-to-action-against data. In addition to that, marketers are trying to manage an insane amount of data – social data, web behavior data, demographic data – the list is endless. Marketers are dealing with information overload and trying to figure out how to manage it. At Loyalty Builders, we help resolve that by using only four pieces of customer transaction data. We do our analysis on this data and tell our customers who to target and what products to offer them to get huge marketing campaign uplift. It’s so easy.

Peter Moloney: I would say it’s how to take advantage of the new advances in data science to improve the results of marketing campaigns. Marketers probably hear about it a lot, and know using data science in marketing campaigns gets better results. Unfortunately, however, the more they look into it, the more they realize how complicated and expensive it can be to do the necessary analytics. That’s why at Loyalty Builders, we offer an easy-to-use solution for those marketers who want to use analytics to improve their marketing campaign uplift, but want to avoid all the complications. We make it simple to execute personalized direct marketing campaigns to existing customers. Therefore, we get our customer’s customers to purchase more – simple as that. We generate more revenue from marketing campaigns than our customers could with their old approach. The revenue uplift is amazing, but the real surprise to our customers continues to be how easily it can be done. They always assume differently, until they find us.


What’s involved to give Loyalty Builders a try?


Kris Nelson: If you’re wondering how we can help you, the most logical step is to contact us. We’ll chat with you about your business and determine if there’s a fit. If there is, we can then talk about appropriate next steps. We’ve got a variety of ways a potential customer can test-drive us and we’ll work with you to choose the best one.

Peter Moloney: We have a number of low-risk ways to check us out, from a free data analysis that demonstrates the accuracy of our predictions, to quick, easy trial campaigns, to extended pilots. We realize we sound too good to be true, but we know it will work, so we are willing to take some risks ourselves and make it easy for a new customer to see the kind of ROI we can deliver before making any hard commitments.

What does a typical Loyalty Builders customer look like?


Peter Moloney: Any company trying selling lots of products to lots of customers is a good candidate for Loyalty Builders. By lots of products, I mean perhaps 100 SKUs or more, but if you have 100,000 products, that’s okay too. There’s no upper limit. A few thousand customers are fine, but it could be millions. We do our magic by analyzing transaction records, so the more transactions, the better.

Irena McCue: I’d like to add that our customers have a variety of titles, too. We work with VPs of Marketing, Marketing Directors, Ecommerce Directors, Email Managers, Circulation Directors, and more. While what we offer is made specifically for marketers, we also have data teams who focus on the analytics for their company and use Loyalty Builders to enhance what they are already doing. Those people work with their marketing teams to get significant uplift from their marketing campaigns.

Bill Vorias: Our customers typically want to do personalized marketing but don’t know how to get started, or have tried it and discovered how costly and difficult it can be. We show them something different – how easy it is to do things they might have thought impossible. Our personalized marketing is not about inserting someone’s name in an email. It’s about presenting every customer their own unique product offer which they are most inclined to purchase – and it’s about doing it easily. Most of our existing customers test-drove us first by taking advantage of one of our low-risk test opportunities.

What good things have customers said about Loyalty Builders?


Irena McCue:  We make using analytics for marketing easy. We’re quick, efficient and what we do works.

Bill Vorias: We’re responsive. We’re good at helping our customers when they have questions. We’re not the type of company that gives you a login and password, and forgets about you. We want our customers to succeed in their direct marketing campaigns because when our customers succeed, so do we.

Kris Nelson: One that sticks out in my mind is how one customer called us the easiest company he’s ever worked with. Our customers also like that we give them the opportunity to test us out. It’s not as though you knock on our door and you sign a long-term agreement. While we want that, of course, we offer several opportunities to try us before you buy us that are either free or very low-cost.

Let’s say there’s someone out there who wants to see if Loyalty Builders really can help their marketing. What’s the one thing you would want them to know?


Irena McCue: It’s easy. Put aside everything you’ve thought about using analytics in marketing. It’s not difficult and at Loyalty Builders, we prove just how easy it can be. We need a simple extract of a few fields of transaction data and a way to map products purchased (SKUs) to products or product categories at the marketing level. Tell us what kind of campaign you want to do, and we’ll return a campaign list with the customers to target and the best products to offer each one formatted for execution by your email system or other marketing communication platform.

Kris Nelson: What we do is made for marketers. It doesn’t require teams of data people, a huge marketing budget, or tons of time. No data integration projects. No data modeling. We give you lists that are going to tell you the customers to target and the products to offer them, and we’re going to help you execute against this list within whatever system you use – email marketing, variable data printer, or whatever. I really wish all marketers knew how easy this could be!


Are you ready to start seeing more revenue from your marketing campaigns that’s fast, easy and affordable? Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started!

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