The Simplest Predictive Analytics Solution for Personalized Marketing to Customers

Use your customers’ past purchase history and our easy-to-use customer analytics software for marketers to automatically discover the best product offers for each of your customers and get more revenue from your marketing campaigns.

Personalized Marketing Campaign Lists

It’s easy to select the best customers for your product campaign and/or the next best offers for every customer. We can create lists of the customers to target and the products to offer them for you or you can do it using our SaaS solution. Our ready-to-use marketing campaign lists are formatted for your marketing platform.

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Predictive Customer Analytics

At Loyalty Builders, we do all our magic from just a few data fields of your customer purchase history. This means no integration projects and no data modeling. It also means you don’t need to rely on big teams of data scientists or IT. It's an automated SaaS solution designed for marketers.

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Cloud-Based Tool for Marketers

We use advanced data science, but you don’t have to. You give us your customer purchase data, then we give you accurate predictions on loyalty, risk, and product purchases for every customer. Then you can easily build marketing campaign lists of the customers to target and the products to offer them with our browser-based tool for marketers.

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We have Solutions for Retailers, E-tailers, Distributors, and Catalogers

Our retail, CPG, e-commerce, consumer service, and B2B distributor customers know there’s no simpler way to create marketing campaign lists that include the right customers to target with the right personalized offers for each of them. Our solutions increase customer lifetime value, loyalty, and really lift campaign revenue – big time!

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