Why Some Marketers Avoid Data-Driven Marketing

Ten Reasons Marketers Ignore the Benefits of Customer Analytics Tools

10. Ignorance: They’ve never heard of customer analytics being used effectively in marketing.

9. Irrelevance: Most of their customers are one-time buyers, so how could data-driven marketing help?

8. Overconfidence: They think their current marketing program is working fine. They already know who their best customers are. They’re getting 80% of their revenue from 20% of their customers. What could be better?

7. Skepticism: They doubt customer marketing software works; they believe all customers defect sooner or later.

6. Resistance to change: Regardless of whether it improves the bottom line in the long run, they are unwilling to change doing business as usual.

5. Inexperience: Data-driven marketing appears complex, requiring skills and people they don’t have.

4. Cost: Marketing campaigns that use customer analytics sounds expensive.

3. Intimidation: Marketing is an art, and data belongs in the classroom.

2. Myopia: They say their customers drive their business, but it’s really their products.

1. Misdirection: They spend most of their money and time on customer acquisition, which means they believe capturing new customers is more important than selling to current ones.

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