Webinar Shows How to Raise Revenue in Retail, with Guaranteed Lift

Increasing Revenue Meaning Improvement Upwards And Wage

Increasing Revenue Meaning Improvement Upwards And Wage

Recently Datawatch Corporation and Loyalty Builders Inc. presented a joint webinar titled Harnessing your Retail Data to Raise Revenue. This video (31 minutes) is the Loyalty Builders part of the webinar.

To view the webinar, please click here.

After a very short introduction to Loyalty Builders, its customer profile and its value proposition, the presentation discusses the strategy and tactics the company recommends to its retail customers. The cloud-based architecture is shown, along with examples of individualized emails and samples of deliverables. Three case studies are presented, illustrating how these tools are used and what kinds of results are achieved.

The tie-in with Datawatch becomes clear in the next section, where Datawatch Designer is used to show visualizations at the store level for a chain of pet supply stores through the northeast United States. Predicted revenue at risk for each store is shown graphically, as well as predicted sales and how the various product categories are predicted to sell at each store.

Finally, two attractive offers are presented.  The first is a free Customer Opportunity Analysis describing the state of your company’s customer set and the opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell. The second offer, for new Loyalty Builders customers, is a no-risk analysis of everything needed for a one-time test email campaign using unique and relevant offers for each customer. For this one-time test email campaign, you pay us nothing if your marketing campaign uplift isn’t 20x our cost.

Check out the webinar and then contact us to discuss which offer is best for your company!

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