Our secret sauce

We’re often asked why our predictions are so uncanny, how we are able to achieve such success for our customers. Here we reveal our secret sauce. Everything we do follows from four best predictivey analytics practices:

  1. People are not all alike, and they don’t like being treated as if they are. This is why we group customers into actionable segments, so they can be marketed to in meaningful ways. Sometimes this is called 1 to 1 marketing, or personalized marketing.
  2. Customers are looking for value from their vendors, not an adversarial relationship. That’s why we work so hard to discover what customers want to buy and what they are ready to buy. We calculate purchase propensities for every product for every customer, so that marketers can make the right offer to the right customer at the right time.
  3. Customer loyalty is earned over time, not bought with a discount in a day. Customers will leave for a competitor unless you give them a reason to stay. That’s why we use our proprietary Loyalty Score to predict which customers are going to buy, because loyalty is not a transitory phenomenon like customer satisfaction that is so tied to the last transaction. That’s why we build early warning systems to spot potential defectors before they leave.
  4. Science and mathematics can make marketing more efficient, effective, and easier than it is today.That’s why we built Longbow, a precision SaaS predictive analytics machine. That’s why we advocate managing to metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value and Revenue Per Customer. That’s why we have a Chief Mathematical Officer and why we rely on our patent pending algorithms to make our predictions and automate your marketing campaigns.

Now that you know our secrets, you can make them your secrets, too. Put our skills and talents to work for your business.

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