Long on Analytics Advice to Marketers but Short on Action

3D Long or Short over white background.

3D Long or Short over white background.

We saw an announcement in the WSJ recently about an agency start-up at WPP. The new agency is called “Gain Theory” – presumably because WPP now understands there’s a business in helping people sort through the data they’re choking on to unlock the value within.

“There’s so much more information available about business performance, consumers, what’s happening with marketing campaigns” says Jason Harrison, Gain Theory’s worldwide CEO.

Quite true, Jason.  But it sounds long on advice and short on action – because it sounds as though they’ll be giving the advice and leaving the execution of actual campaign implemention to other firms in the WPP group. We’ll have to wait to see whether that will work.

WPP is the world’s second largest ad group, and their holy grail is margin – so I’m guessing there will be a lot of expensive throat-clearing and consulting before any emails hit an inbox.

Nevertheless we welcome WPP to the field. However we do customer analytics quite differently.

  • We provide actionable information from each customer’s history.
  • Instead of advice and opinion, we give you actionable lists that identify current best customers and products/services they’re most like to buy now.
  • Our customer analytics improve with age, since we use learning from each campaign to inform future campaigns.

You can spend a bundle in on analytics and learn a lot of interesting things. But if your goal is more revenue from your customers – and soon – you simply won’t get results as good as Loyalty Builders results that can be put to use right away, at anywhere close to the low price we charge.

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