Find Best Customers for Any Product

  • Are you numbing your customers with too much marketing?
  • Are you annoying them with too many irrelevant offers?
  • Are you spending too much on customers who are not going to buy anything?

Time to be smarter and more effective.

With Loyalty Builders’ predictive metrics and scores for each of your customers, you can target the ones likely to be most receptive to each specific promotion.

This will increase your return while lowering the cost of your campaigns. For example:

  • Use Re-Sell and Cross-sell Probabilities to target the most suitable customers for product promotions.
  • Use Likely Buyer Probability and offer scores to identify the right customers for a group of products.
  • Use Expected Value and Risk scores to decide who’s worth mailing a catalog, a sales call, or other expensive marketing.
  • Use Loyalty Segments and other scores to target groups of customers with relevant offers and messages.

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Loyalty Builders fits seamlessly into existing promotion strategies. No big data projects, customer profiling, or analytic exercises necessary. We generate our predictions from your transaction data automatically. Use our metrics to generate your target customer list, or we’ll generate the list for you, in place of your current targeting approach (after you’re satisfied with test results, of course).

Having trouble keeping up with frequent or even last-minute changes to your campaign plan or schedule? No problem with Loyalty Builders.

Our metrics are always available for every active customer analyzed, so you can generate lists on-demand for as many campaigns as you want, any time.