Use Longbow for Marketers

Longbow is an easy-to-use, browser-based, web application that marketers can use to generate campaign lists on their own. Longbow gives marketers access to all of the metrics produced for each customer by Loyalty Builders. It’s easy to target groups of customers and generate a campaign list formatted for execution by a marketing automation platform. The list can optionally include specific 1:1 product recommendations or offers to be made to each customer.

Intended for marketers responsible for executing campaigns, Longbow is a self-service alternative for creating campaign lists, rather than by request to Loyalty Builders or IT.


  • Access customer metrics in a cloud database updated and maintained by Loyalty Builders.
  • Build campaign lists of target customers, include personalized offers if appropriate.
  • Download formatted lists to user’s desktop or other location.
  • Nothing to install, nothing for users to maintain.

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