Portsmouth, NH (PRWEB) March 19, 2009 — Loyalty Builders, a pioneer in the field of predictive analytics and customer behavior, has released a new version of Longbow, its popular web-based direct marketing service. The new release, v 1.6, speeds the process of creating and executing a direct marketing campaign.

Longbow analyzes customer behavior and generates lists of targeted customers who are ready to buy. Now direct marketers can quickly split these lists into random sub-groups to test targeting and messaging. Version 1.6 introduces a long list of ‘under the covers’ upgrades and new ease-of-use features developed for power users who need to manage multiple campaigns. Database redesign, just-in-time data access, and query optimization have speeded up calculations and cut the time required for important tasks, including simultaneous download of multiple lists and list summary load times.

One of Longbow’s core components is its automated, expert system for multivariate testing. In v 1.6 the testing system supports templates similar to those used in the list building function so that new tests can be created faster and more easily.

Longbow was originally shipped in April 2008. The new capabilities in Release 1.6 are a response to suggestions from B2B and B2C companies who have been using it since then.

“’Nice work‘ and ’looks great!!‘ is what we’re hearing from beta testers,” said Mark Klein, CEO ”One power user, the marketing manager for a medical distribution company summed it up when he told us ”This new release now has the features we need to run all of our marketing campaigns with Longbow.”’” Klein added.

About Loyalty Builders

Loyalty Builders was founded in 1999 to bring new precision to the understanding of customer behavior and its application in direct marketing. Loyalty Builders’ analytics help clients pinpoint which customers will buy next, what products or services they will buy, and when they will buy it. The result is increased accuracy for cross-sell and up-sell campaigns, and the ability to build early warning systems to spot potential defectors. Clients come from a variety of industries including retail, distribution, health services, financial services, transportation, technology and manufacturing. Loyalty Builder’s analytics experience has now been incorporated into a new web-based software service called Longbow.

About Longbow

Longbow, from Loyalty Builders, is a web-based software service that uses predictive analytics to help direct marketers increase revenue from existing customers It analyzes marketing efforts, identifies revenue opportunities, segments the customer population, targets prospective buyers, tests all aspects of a marketing campaign, and integrates with email and print systems.


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