New Customer Analytics Service Helps Catalog Marketers Navigate a Multichannel World

PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire – (June 10, 2014) – Loyalty Builders, a leader in SaaS software that delivers affordable customer analytics, has announced a new, low-cost, service designed for marketers who have customers purchasing through catalogs.

“Catalog selling is way more complicated than it used to be,” says Mark Klein, Founder and CEO of Loyalty Builders, Inc. “Catalog production costs are rising. Postage rates are rising. Some shoppers still mail in their orders, but more and more are using the internet, email, or phone to complete their purchase. We want to help catalog marketers leverage this multi-channel behavior so they can better serve their customers and increase their company revenue in the process,” he said.

The service, Customer Analytics for Catalogers (CAC), analyzes the expected purchase value of catalog purchases for each individual customer, their risk of defection, and the potential return on investment of a catalog before it goes in the mail. The analysis will help catalog marketers fine-tune catalog mailing strategies, find the most likely buyers for current catalog mailings, develop email alternatives to customers who are better suited for an email channel, and evaluate the overall effectiveness of their catalog and email marketing balance.

A large part of the CAC’s service is identifying and targeting the customers most likely to buy via catalog vs. email. In using the CAC service, one retailer, a devoted Loyalty Builders client who was struggling with declining catalog revenue, increased their revenue per catalog by 99.7% in a targeted mailing. Those customers selected using CAC’s targeting produced $2.97 more revenue per catalog than the customers targeted by the retailer’s previous catalog mailing strategy.

Klein sees enormous potential in marketers knowing how to get the most response and revenue from their catalog channel while also supplementing their catalog strategy with individualized emails to customers. “Our report will show our clients the expected value of a mailing to all their customers and a likely buyer score for each of them,” he said. “But they’ll also see who is more likely to purchase via email. For these customers, we’ll serve up individualized product offerings so every customer is getting their own unique email with products they are most likely to buy. It’s the best of both worlds – getting the most from both catalog customers and email customers. And best of all, the customer wins because you’re offering them what they want, how they want it.”

The fee for the CAC including all deliverables is $4,500. “There’s nothing like this out there at this price,” said Klein. “It’s an enormous value for the money.”

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About Loyalty Builders
Loyalty Builders was founded in 1999 to help businesses gain more revenue from their customers. The company’s customer analytics SaaS solution, Longbow 2.0, uses customer transaction data to give marketers actionable, individualized customer insights. This leads to more efficient use of marketing dollars, higher response and retention rates and increases in revenue. Loyalty Builders also recently introduced three low-cost, on-demand services that address specific marketing challenges.

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