Loyalty Builders Presentation: The Next Frontier in Marketing Automation: Revenue Automation

How to Reach and Persuade Individual Customers with Practical B2C Analytics

PORTSMOUTH, NH – May 11, 2016 – Loyalty Builders, where predictive customer analytics lifts revenue through personalized marketing, will be presenting at the New England Direct Marketing Association’s Annual Conference 2016 on the topic, The Next Frontier in Marketing Automation: Revenue Automation.

Loyalty Builders CEO Peter Moloney will explain how marketers can now travel the “last mile” of marketing automation — increasing buying, building loyalty, and staying relevant — with new analytics approaches that make it simple and much more affordable to target by lifecycle stage, value, and risk, and personalize product recommendations for each individual customer.

Marketers will learn:

  1. The various approaches to “personalize” marketing to customers.
  2.  The true cost and complexity of predicting purchases and making individual offers.
  3. Practical, automated techniques that keep it simple, and just work.


What: The Next Frontier in Marketing Automation: Revenue Automation.

Marketing automation has delivered astonishing efficiencies in “how” and “when” companies reach their customers. So now we swamp customers with messages to the point they’ve become less effective. However, the research indicates “what” is being communicated in those messages to customers is far more important than how, when, or how often. But always knowing exactly “what” offer is most likely to motivate each individual customer to buy has been hard to solve reliably and affordably. Learn about techniques to automate the “last mile” in marketing: The right “what” to say that makes the most of those precious few opportunities when you have the customer’s attention.

Who:  Presenting the session will be Peter Moloney, Loyalty Builders CEO, whose expertise is built on a thirty year career as a marketing, corporate strategy, and technology   investment executive, including over ten years as CEO/MD of marketing services and strategic advisory companies.

 When: 3:30 on May 17, 2016

 Where: LaCava Campus Center, Bentley University, Waltham, MA


About Loyalty Builders

Loyalty Builders lifts revenue through more relevant marketing at every stage of the customer’s lifecycle, including 1:1 product recommendations for each individual customer — uniquely combining proven accuracy and revenue impact with the highest ROI. No new data sources, no data integration projects, no new platforms, no modeling skills required; just smarter marketing. Learn more at www.loyaltybuilders.com or follow us on Twitter @loyaltybuilders.



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