Loyalty Builders Now Offers a Free Assessment to Size the One-Time Buyer Problem

Learn to turn one-time buyers into lasting customers

Portsmouth, NH (Vocus) November 10, 2010 — Loyalty Builders Inc. releases today a new assessment report
that sizes a company’s one-time buyer problem in three dimensions and lays out an ideal marketing plan to
effectively get the second sale. Loyalty Builders defines one-time buyers as existing customers who have only
made a single purchase.

“We at Loyalty Builders firmly believe that one-time buyers are one of the biggest problems in direct marketing
and have gone unaddressed for too long,” says CEO, Mark Klein. Loyalty Builders is offering to customize this
assessment for free for qualified companies who send their request to Loyalty Builders before December 10,
2010. A sample report on the Loyalty Builders website gives companies an example of some of the information
and guidance they will receive from this tailored assessment.

Getting the second sale is a challenge, so Loyalty Builders extracts information from hidden data points in each
single transaction. From this comprehensive analysis, Loyalty Builders makes specific customer behavior
predictions and generates a report to show who out of the one-time buyer segment will most likely make a
second purchase, which products each customer will likely buy next and calculates a window of when to make
a second purchase offer. Knowing these elements helps companies market to their one-time buyers much more

In addition to its free one-time buyer assessment report, Loyalty Builders has created an entire resource center
on its website devoted to helping companies with their one-time buyer problem. To learn more, download the
white paper, watch a video, or read the articles posted on the one-time buyer resource center.
Companies can start turning their one-time buyers into repeat customers by contacting Nansy Shoemaker for
their own customized free report (nansys@loyaltybuilders.com).

About Loyalty Builders
Loyalty Builders Inc, founded in 1999, successfully helps clients increase revenue and customer lifetime value
(CLTV) through managing their existing customer marketing. Using advanced predictive analytics and
customer segmentation techniques, Loyalty Builders pinpoints exactly which customers will buy next, what
products or services they will buy, and when they will buy them. It uses this information to build early warning
systems to spot potential defectors and to create various marketing campaigns — cross-sell, up-sell, customer
retention, and getting the second sale from one-time buyers. Clients span a variety of industries including retail, distribution, health services, financial services, transportation, technology and manufacturing. Loyalty Builders offers its patent pending Customer Marketing Management platform, Longbow, to clients as a web-based
software service.


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