Loyalty Builders Kicks off the “Year of Individualized Marketing” With Strong Client Growth

PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire – Jan. 21, 2014 – Loyalty Builders, a pioneer in the fast-growing field of customer analytics, today announced that the company is entering 2014 fueled with momentum from a record year in 2013. In December 2013 alone, the company analyzed more than one billion specific transactions made by 47 million customers across its client base. These transactions accounted for more than $80.9 billion in total purchases. Driving this growth is a determination to drastically and forever revolutionize the way brands market to existing customers, by using individualized marketing. Individualized marketing is the process of determining customers’ individual needs and preferences from transaction data and sending an entirely unique offer (via email, postcard, telemarketing call or otherwise) to each one based on that information.

In September, the company unveiled a new release of Longbow 2.0, the first cloud-based, self-service customer analytics software for individualized marketing. Longbow 2.0, which is optimized for individualized marketing, analyzes customers’ past behavior at the individual account and individual product level to develop highly accurate predictions of future purchases. It then creates marketing offers that are hyper relevant and unique to each individual. Loyalty Builders clients have experienced dramatically higher customer response rates, improved customer retention, more effective cross-sell and the ability to identify at-risk customers – all of which ultimately drive greater revenue.

With this unique approach, which has proved far more effective than traditional “spray and pray” and segmentation techniques, Loyalty Builders has been a key driver of incremental revenue for its clients in 2013 and has consistently generated successful marketing offers — in the form of emails, print mailers and more — from its platform. The results Loyalty Builders generated for clients in 2013 include:

Nearly $315,000 in additional revenue for a direct marketer of health products by identifying and developing an individualized email campaign that recommended specific products for each customer
A lift of more than $10 in revenue for each $.50 post card mailed by a leading automotive aftermarket retailer
65 percent lift in a series of cross-sell campaigns for a nationally known beverage products manufacturer
“We are entering the era of individualized marketing,” said Mark Klein, CEO and founder of Loyalty Builders. “In 2014 marketers will finally be able to develop and deploy true one-to-one marketing campaigns. I attribute our success in 2013 to an initial shift in marketers’ thinking around what’s possible when it comes to customer-centric marketing. We have big plans to drive an even more dramatic paradigm change in the months ahead.”

To maintain momentum in 2014, Loyalty Builders will unveil a partner program that will link the power of individualized marketing to email service providers (ESPs) and variable data printers, as well as launching several initiatives aimed to arm marketers with the insights necessary to easily execute individualized marketing campaigns.

About Loyalty Builders
Loyalty Builders was founded in 1999 to help businesses gain more revenue from their existing customers. The company’s customer analytics solution, based on customer transaction data, gives marketers actionable and individualized customer insight. This leads to more efficient use of marketing dollars, higher response and retention rates and increases in revenue. Learn more at www.loyaltybuilders.com or follow them on Twitter (@loyaltybuilders).

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