Loyalty Builders Announces “Never Say Die” Customer Analytics Solution

PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire – (August 5, 2014) – Loyalty Builders, a leader in affordable customer analytics, has announced that its Reactivation Analysis is now available as a one-time engagement with a one-time fee. The solution is designed to help marketers target the right prospects for reactivation among lapsed customers.

“Lapsed customers are your best source of new customers,” says Mark Klein, Founder and CEO of Loyalty Builders. “We never give up on them and neither should you,” he said.

Klein admits, “Some customers will be easier to reactivate than others. We know this, so we’ve developed the mathematical models that reveal which customers are ripe for reactivation.”

Using its SaaS solution, Longbow 2.0, Loyalty Builders looks at the buying behavior of lapsed customers while they were actively buying, develops profiles of those most likely to reactivate, and delivers a data table of the best reactivation prospects that includes suggested product offers likely to appeal to them. This table represents actionable marketing knowledge that can drive campaigns which will more than cover the Reactivation Analysis fee, says the company.

In addition to uncovering the best reactivation prospects, the Reactivation Analysis will report how long reactivated customers had been inactive, reactivation rate by channel, types of products purchased within six months of reactivation, and profiles of customers most likely to reactivate. All this represents a wealth of marketing knowledge useful not only in reactivation campaigns but also in campaigns to build loyalty and anticipate defections.

The fee for a single engagement including all data tables is $5,000. There is no further obligation.

For more information on the Reactivation Analysis, visit https://www.loyaltybuilders.com/solutions/services/reactivation-analysis

About Loyalty Builders – Loyalty Builders was founded in 1999 to help businesses gain more revenue from their customers. The company’s customer analytics SaaS solution, Longbow 2.0, uses customer transaction data to give marketers actionable, individualized customer insights. This leads to more efficient use of marketing dollars, higher response and retention rates and increases in revenue.

Learn more at www.loyaltybuilders.com or follow them on Twitter (@loyaltybuilders).

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