Loyalty Builders Announces Customer Retention eSeminar

Portsmouth, NH (Vocus/PRWEB ) January 29, 2009 — Predictive marketing and multivariate testing experts Loyalty Builders today announced an eSeminar on Customer Retention. The eSeminar will be held Wednesday, February 4 at 2 PM ET and will focus on techniques for keeping existing customers and increasing revenues from them in potent new ways. Attendees will learn:

-The difference between customer retention, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty
-How to measure churn rate and determine its effect on revenue
-What you can do about the one-time and two-time buyer problem
-How to identify customers in danger of defecting
-How to target customers for win-back campaigns
-How to build an early warning system to enhance customer retention

This eSeminar is one of seven in a comprehensive eSeminar series on customer marketing topics using proven Mathematical Marketing techniques. The series is targeted to marketers who are interested in adopting new and powerful tools to increase marketing ROI and move closer to true 1 to 1 marketing practices.

The eSeminars are free and designed to help marketers improve the results of direct marketing campaigns to existing customers. Content is largely non-commercial and based on substantial experience working with both B2B and B2C companies.

“In this recessionary economy, customer retention and effective customer marketing have become more important than ever,” said Scott McComsey, Loyalty Builders’ CMO. “This eSeminar will help marketers understand new and sophisticated ways to understand and market to their existing customers.”

About Mathematical Marketing

At the core of Mathematical Marketing is the process of marketing to customers based on a scientific understanding of how past customer behavior predicts future purchases. Mathematical Marketing also includes sophisticated direct marketing techniques such as “what-if analysis”, factorial design testing and campaign results measurement.

About Longbow

Longbow is a web-based direct marketing system that enables precise targeting of existing customers. Harnessing powerful predictive analytics and multivariate testing capabilities, it allows a marketer to manage a full range of direct marketing tasks including targeting and segmentation, campaign management and email integration.

About Loyalty Builders

Loyalty Builders was founded in 1999 to bring new levels of precision to the science of customer behavior and its application in direct marketing. Using predictive analytics, clients can pinpoint which individual customers will buy next, what products or services they will buy, and when they will buy it. The result is increased accuracy for cross-sell and up-sell campaigns, and the ability to build early warning systems to spot potential defectors. Clients come from a variety of industries including retail, distribution, health services, financial services, transportation, technology and manufacturing and range from small business to enterprise.

For more information on this eSeminar visit the Customer Retention eSeminar signup page or www.longbowdirectmarketing.com.


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