Free Webinar! The Drop-Dead Simplest Way to Boost Revenue with Predictive Customer Analytics

Webinar Concept

Webinar Concept

Join us! Free 30 minute webinar!

Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Time(s): Offered twice! Choose from 9am PT or 1pm PT

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The Drop-Dead Simplest Way to Boost Revenue with Predictive Customer Analytics

How customer data you already have can help you earn more revenue from your current customers.

Relevant messages always lift marketing response rates. And higher response rates regularly deliver higher revenue. But the analytics required to predict what customers will buy is tough. Data integration and modeling costs are so high that many marketers who’d like to try using advanced analytics can’t afford to.

In this 30 minute webinar, Peter Moloney, CEO of Loyalty Builders, shows how automated analytics ​get around these time and cost barriers, and answers the questions marketers ask him every day.

  • I don’t have data scientists who can help me, and I cannot afford expensive service providers – how can I get predictive analytics to work for me?
  • How much lift can I expect in my marketing campaigns?
  • How much more revenue will I get from my customers?
  • Is the extra revenue worth the effort?
  • I have a limited budget. How can I afford predictive customer analytics?

If you’re ready to ​take your marketing campaigns ​from good to amazing, and increase the loyalty and lifetime value of your customers through more relevant promotions, you won’t want to miss this event!

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