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5 Ways to Keep It Real with Real-Time Marketing

Instant delivery of marketing messages to customers triggered upon customer behaviors in real-time such as page views, clicks, social interactions, location, etc., is at the bleeding edge of today’s marketing tech. Watching all activity generates a lot of data that might indicate customer preferences and readiness to buy something.  But as many marketers have found… Read More

Four Urban Legends of Marketing Analytics

In this age of big data, big claims and big hopes about maximizing the value of data to create sales, marketing analytics plays a central role.  Despite all the attention it receives, there are some enduring misconceptions about what marketing analytics can and cannot do. Here are four top “urban legends” about how marketing analytics… Read More

How Retail Marketers Can Keep the Personalization Promise

The “Personalization Promise” is a confusing, sometimes overblown assurance by a continually growing clump of marketing technologists struggling to differentiate their solution. The goal is to reach customers on their own individual, specific terms and do it well enough to make them buy. But while much of it sounds the same, there are actually big… Read More

Retail Customers: They Are What You Analyze

Retail marketers swept along with the big data wave hope that analyzing ever more variables will uncover hidden indicators: ones that provide more accurate predictions about which customers are ready to buy, what products are they likely to buy, what will they spend, and who will defect. As a result, marketers sometimes try to collect… Read More


Personalized marketing sounds a dream come true—if you can send each customer exactly the right message at exactly the right time that gets them to buy more, you will by definition maximize revenue. The trick, of course, is figuring out what message to send and when. For that, you need some sort of advanced analytics… Read More

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