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Retail Customer Analytics: The dirty little secret

If you’ve ever been asked to evaluate technologies for segmenting and analyzing customers, you’ll probably be shown beautiful visualizations or maybe enticed by highly useful metrics, such as customer buying predictions for different products, expected spending by customer, or risk of churn. At some point, you will ask the vendor how is it done, and… Read More

3 Predictive Analytics Options To Boost Retail Marketing Results

We’ve seen an explosion of new tools and techniques for predictive customer analytics in the retail sector. This is not surprising considering the advantages of using predictive customer data to plan, segment, target, and personalize marketing campaigns. Predictive analytics is proven to show measurable lift in conversion rate and margin dollars, but only works as… Read More

What is customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty – every retailer wants it, but what does it mean? Are the customers who spent the most last year or the customers who bought something during the last three months going be the most loyal over the next year? What if they made 3 purchases last year, but only around the holidays? And, what does… Read More

Pete Moloney in Total Retail — Retail CMOs Feel the Heat, Look to Data

The insights, control, decision making and results made possible by data analysis are truly impressive. Think of where a business would be if employees just performed duties without recording sales, payments or production activities, and couldn’t monitor the analysis of these variables in income statements and reports. Good data, if accurate, is gold. Unfortunately, many marketing… Read More

Pete Moloney for Internet Retailer — 5 ways to market more effectively by predicting customer behavior

Shoppers are tuning out many emails and ads. Targeting the right customer is the key to success. Read more at Internet Retailer.

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