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Longbow 2.0 for Truly Individualized Marketing

Imagine being able to increase your company revenue, increase your customer response rates, and improve the relationship you have with each of your customers. You’d love to do it.  But do you know how?

Now you can make certain that every one of your customers gets the product offers they want, when they want them. Using each customer’s previous transaction history, you’ll be able to give every customer a relevant, individualized marketing message and product offers for things they want – increasing revenue, increasing response rates, and increasing customer retention.

How, you ask? Using Longbow™ 2.0, the first cloud-based, self-service, customer analytics software for individualized marketing - a SaaS innovation that promises to change the face of marketing.



You’ll now have the ability to successfully up-sell and cross-sell to customers, increasing your revenue and customer retention rates. Here’s how to use Longbow.

Individualized marketing is more than personalization (“Dear Michael,” or “Dear Jennifer,”) – it is about analyzing past behavior to get a unique marketing offer to every one of your customers.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to share with you how Longbow 2.0 will increase your revenue, broaden your cross-sell, and improve your customer retention. We'll also share with you details on our Longbow 2.0 money back guarantee so you can see what Longbow 2.0 can do for you, with no obligation.