Longbow 2.0 Customer Analytics Solutions

Marketers! Imagine being able to give every one of your customers their own unique, relevant product offer – a product they are likely to buy – and as a result of this relevance, increase your marketing campaign uplift. How great would that be?

Now imagine that in addition to doing that, it’s easy and the ability to do it is right at your fingertips. No data scientists, no data teams, no data analysts, no IT personnel required. Even better! But how, you ask?

The answer is Longbow – the Loyalty Builders’ SaaS tool for marketers that makes it easy to target groups of any granularity, down to each individual customer, with the most relevant product offers. By simply uploading your customer transaction data, Longbow is able to analyze this data, and easily produce personalized marketing campaign lists of the customers you should target, and the products to offer them. The analytics are completely automated, and campaign execution lists are easy to create with Longbow, which means you can now give every customer their own individualized product offers without having to do any of the heavy lifting – leave that to us!

The marketers we work with use Longbow to create lists formatted for use by their marketing automation system of choice for email marketing campaigns, print campaigns, catalogs, call centers and much more, and they do it all without huge data integration projects, without data modeling, and without teams of data scientists, data analysts or IT.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to share with you how Longbow makes it easy to increase your marketing campaign uplift. While we’re at it, we’ll also introduce you to some no-cost and low-cost ways to try out Loyalty Builders that will really show you how what we do works!