Analytics Services for Catalogers

With rising print costs and postal rates, and more customers moving to online purchasing, as a catalog marketer you must be feeling the heat. You may already know what you need to do to keep a healthy revenue mix between catalog and online purchasing.  The tough part is how to do it.

Using customer analytics is your low cost/high return answer.  Customer analytics will help you figure out how to send catalogs to prospects who are very likely to buy.  They’ll also help identify who wants to shop in an armchair and who’d rather shop on a website. Your customers are telling you how to market to them – start listening or unfortunately, someone else will.

Let Loyalty Builders help you optimize your catalog marketing. Not only will your customers appreciate it, you’re going to increase both your marketing campaign revenue and response rates in the process.

How it works

  • You send your customer transaction data to Loyalty Builders
  • Using Longbow 2.0, Loyalty Builders analyzes the purchase propensities, buying patterns, expected purchase value, and current status of each of your individual customers
  • Customers are segmented by expected purchase value and risk of defection (not by address, zip code, age, etc.)
  • Loyalty Builders estimates the potential ROI of an individualized catalog before catalogs go in the mail
  • Use the customer analytics and insights from Loyalty Builders to shape a more efficient mail plan

What you get

  • A file that shows the expected revenue from a catalog mailing for every one of your customers, plus their primary purchasing channels
  • A cross-sell opportunity profile; a visual measure of your company’s cross-sell opportunity
  • Customer channel analysis – change in primary purchasing channel for each customer over time
  • Analysis of opportunities to send specialized catalogs 
  • Suggested efficiencies for your catalog plan

Possible actions

  • Adjust your catalog strategy by considering expected value and primary channel
  • Develop email alternatives for those catalog customers who might be better suited for an email channel
  • Find and target your most likely buyers for current catalog mailing
  • Discover the most efficient use of catalog budget


  • $4,500

Our cataloger clients regularly get more revenue for every marketing dollar they invest.  We know you will too. Let’s have a conversation.