E-commerce Marketing & Analytics Services

Predictions-by-Customer Analysis

At the heart of all Loyalty Builders products and services is the Predictions-by-Customer Analysis. This automated, cloud-based predictive analysis is built into each of our services and is regularly updated for monthly subscribers. The Predictions-by-Customer Analysis generates a variety of predictive metrics for every individual customer of a subscriber. In general, these metrics relate to each customer’s loyalty as a customer and the specific products they are most likely to buy. These metrics are used to produce data files and campaign lists that drive highly targeted and/or personalized marketing promotions.

Subscription Services

Regular subscribers to Loyalty Builders’ services enjoy continuous access to customer analytics and campaign files formatted to drive targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. Subscribers can request new campaign files as needed, or can generate their own using Loyalty Builders’ user-friendly, cloud-based tool for marketers, Longbow. Subscription services offered by Loyalty Builders include:

  • Best Customer Targeting Service
  • Best Personalized Offers Service
  • Best Catalog Marketing Service
  • Complete Campaign Enhancement Service

On-Demand Services

On-Demand Services provide a set of one-time deliverables for a specific purpose, which can be purchased as needed. Some On-Demand Services can be purchased as often as needed. Conditions and pre-qualifications apply for others. On-Demand Services include:

  • Lift Opportunity Analysis
  • Trial Campaigns
  • Product Affinities
  • Loyalty & Risk Analysis
  • Cross-Sell Opportunities
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Campaign Execution Services