E-commerce Marketing & Analytics Services

Loyalty Builders services help you harness the power of our customer analytics and the depth of our experience to get more revenue from your existing customers.

Marketing Services

  • Longbow 2.0 – the first cloud-based, self-service, customer analytics software for individualized marketing

  • Customer Opportunity Analysis – An X-ray of each customer’s buying behavior. You’ll learn your company’s true retention rate, how much revenue is at risk from potential customer defection, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by segment, your risk score profile, product purchasing patterns, the size of your cross-sell opportunity – key insights you’ll use to build future marketing campaigns.

  • Multivariate Testing Service – Learn which campaign elements most affect your company performance (for each campaign tested), of the elements tested which variation is most effective, and how to field the most effective campaigns to get the highest response rates. Optimize your campaign variables.

  • Cross-sell Opportunity Analysis – Let Longbow 2.0 do your cross-sell heavy lifting. Get a data table of your customers with corresponding products that each one is most likely to purchase (from the products that he/she has not bought from you yet). Every customer will have their own unique products outlined. Create a customer-centric campaign offering each customer their most likely to purchase next products.

  • Customer Analytics for Catalogers – Customer Analytics for Catalogers (CAC), analyzes the expected purchase value of catalog purchases for each individual customer, their risk of defection, and the potential return on investment of a catalog before it goes in the mail.  The analysis will help catalog marketers fine-tune catalog mailing strategies, find the most likely buyers for current catalog mailings, develop email alternatives to customers who are better suited for an email channel, and evaluate the overall effectiveness of their catalog and email marketing balance.

  • Reactivation Analysis - The Reactivation Analysis Service examines the buying behavior of your lapsed customers during the period while they were active, develops profiles of those most likely to reactivate, and delivers a data table of the best reactivation candidates including suggested offers for each one.

  • Risk Analysis – Learn the probability of defection for each of your customers and how to set up trigger campaigns to keep those customers from slipping away. The Risk Analysis Service delivers a data table of Risk Scores, including the change from the prior period, plus a prediction of the total revenue at risk due to potential defection by your existing customers. The Risk Profile Chart gives you a high level view of the loyalty of your customer population.

Outsourcing Services

  • Variable content email production
  • Variable content print production
  • Copywriting and collateral development
  • Marketing campaign fulfillment services
  • Direct marketing agency services—manage and execute entire campaigns from analysis to delivery

A Typical Services Engagement

A typical strategic services engagement includes one or more of the following:

  • Establish benchmarks for marketing activities
  • Develop a systematic testing plan for direct marketing
  • Create a custom segmentation of the customer population, with four to seven segments
  • Work with client to build a marketing plan for each segment, with appropriate goals and outreach tactics
  • Build and implement an early warning system to reduce attrition
  • Design a measurement plan to track direct marketing activities

Account Management and Client Service

One of Loyalty Builders strengths and differentiators is our approach to client service. We dedicate a team of three experts to each client to ensure we are delivering on all aspects of our clients’ needs. These people work closely with our clients on a regular basis and become extended team members for our clients to help strategize and achieve marketing and revenue goals.

• Account Manager (with marketing expertise) • Analyst/Mathematician • Data Concierge •

We take pride in our clients' long-term success and you can count on us being there every step of the way!